Watering the Garden

Desperate times call for desperate measures. It has been SO dry this year, that watering the garden has been a thankless task. The soil is so dry and is at the point where water just runs off, and getting it to sink in is difficult. Even when it does, it just passes straight through. So, tonight, we enlisted some help from the local fire department.

It all started with a garden tour for some of our neighbors. A passing car slowed down and called out his window – “if you have a fire extinguisher, you might want to go and get it. There is a car fire around the bend.” We started walking up the road to investigate.

The Accident

A young woman was driving into town and either didn’t pay attention to the warning signs and slow down enough for the bends or was distracted. She ended up going off the road and hit a tree. At that point the car burst into flames. She is OK and other neighbors ushered her further away from the car before a series of small explosions happened.

Car engulfed in flames – Photo credit: Kurt Christensen.

The local fire department was quickly on the scene. By then some of the surrounding brush and trees were well engulfed. Initially the small fire trucks arrived and they could not quench the flames. Then they brought a larger truck and set up all the hoses from the hydrant opposite the bottom of the garden.

The fire was soon extinguished with only a couple of trees losing their lives in the incident.

Time for Watering

As things were wrapping up, they wanted to flush out some of their hoses and very helpfully directed the water into the garden. It doesn’t matter that those plants in Gondwana didn’t really need it and some of them very quickly looked like drowned rats. In the morning I will have to assess if it caused them a lot of damage. Oh well – be careful what you ask for.

Fireman helps water the garden – photo credit: Kurt Christensen

Thanks to Oceanside/Netarts fire district and all of the volunteer fire fighters for helping keep us safe.

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