Impatiens sodenii 'La Vida Rosa'

Thanksgiving Blooms

It is Thanksgiving, and while we cannot be with family because of COVID, we still have so much to be thankful for. That includes lots of flowers that continue to bloom in our Oceanside Garden. There has been so much progress in the garden this year: the cutting garden was finished, deer fencing constructed along the bottom part of the garden, Gondwana built, Tuxedo Lane mostly done, the boardwalk constructed through the Land of the Giants, and some of the land cleared for Whimsey way.

What’s Blooming

But quite amazingly, there is still quite a lot blooming in the yard. Almost all of the Grevillea have at least some blooms open right now and there are many more buds waiting. Pink Lady, Molonglo and Neil Bell are all blooming in Down Under Up Top.

In the Portal, the Cyclamen remain in bloom, with Cyclamen hederifolum doing quite nicely. Along Cherry Corner, the Fuchsia Isis just never wants to quit and I see hummingbirds feeding on that almost every day – even though it is very low to the ground.

Along Tuxedo Lane, the Salvia ‘Love and Wishes’ is still covered in its purple blossoms. Impatiens tinctoria is not only twice what its mature size was meant to be in a single year, but it is still blooming and has a lot of new buds coming.

In Gondwana, the Schizostylis just doesn’t want to quit and the Correa has come back into full bloom – again.

Schizostylis coccinea
Schizostylis coccinea

The strawberry tree Arbutus Unedo is both blooming and fruiting at the moment. Some of the Osteospermums don’t quite want to quite either, even though they have less blooms now than they did just a couple of weeks ago. And several of the other Fuchsias keep putting on their display. I can’t link to those yet because those pages have not been made.

Stay safe everyone and keep gardening!

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