Pots to the rescue

There are many reasons why you may want to grow plants in pots. In my case, one reason is I have more plants than I have space to put them all in. But most people are not incurable plant collectors. Being able to move delicate plants that need a protected environment most of the year to a well displayed position when in bloom is another important reason.

For those living in rental properties, it is the only way you can grow much because you are often not allowed to play in the dirt. For those living in apartments that only have a balcony, there is no dirt. Pots also allow for a quick change in the garden – adding a bit of color where needed, or creating a vignette of items that are blooming right now.

But this weekend I accidentally happened upon a new reason. I was clearing out a bunch of pots from an old property . I had no real plan for them in the new garden, so had cleared an area for them temporarily.

A Happy Accident

One of the pots was large and heavy and had a reasonable sized olive tree growing in it. Rather than moving it to the temporary holding area, it was quickly placed in a part of the garden that had been newly planted. The existing plants are small and there are many gaps where plants have yet to be placed. WOW – instant transformation. The pot provided height. It provided mass. It provided a focal point that took the eye away from all of the small and rather insignificant plants in the area.

That pot has found it semi-permanent home. While I will need to move it to ensure that all roots underneath have been removed, it was an effect that I had not predicted and probably never would have thought about.

Pots can be art and can attract the eye, and they can also make statements. Thanks to that pot, the area is going to look much better in the short term. Now I can wait for some of the other plants to get to a reasonable size. Then I may reconsider.

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  • AnnM

    Such a great idea!!!! And what a lovely olive tree!!!!!

    1. gardener

      I also think the Olive tree looks great in what is close to being an olive jar in shape. They set each other off nicely. The Olive tree also seems to like being here as it has put on a lot of new growth.

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