Protea venusta

Protea venusta

Protea venusta is a mounding ground cover Protea that blooms in summer. It typically grows at high elevations, making it more cold hardy. It will also bloom well in partial shade. In 10 years it will spread to about 4′ across and is great on an embankment or trailing over a wall.

Pronunciation: PROH-tee-uh ven-NUSS-tuh

Species Meaning: Beautiful, charming

Protea venusta is native to South Africa.


  • Protea venusta seedlings
    Protea venusta seedlings

Cultivation Notes

Once planted, they should not be moved as they have delicate roots. Drought tolerant once established and should not be fertilized with anything containing phosphorous. They dislike humidity.

Propagation Notes

These were grown from seed obtained from Ole Lantana in 2019. I got the first bloom September 3rd 2022.

In Our Garden

Plant ID: P20127 | Seed ID: S1939

Found in Gondwana,

There are four of them along the front wall. Hopefully they will trail over in time.

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My First Protea – from seed to blossom

Protea venusta (Creeping Beauty, Cascade Sugarbush, Rotssuikerbos) grown from seed at Oceanside Garden, blooming after just three years.

Family: Proteaceae

Genus: Protea

Species: venusta

Commonly known as: Creeping Beauty, Cascade Sugarbush, Rotssuikerbos

Height: <3ft

Spread: 5ft to 10ft

Growth Habit:
Sun Needs:
Full Sun
Part Sun
Soil Type:
Season of Interest:
Zn9a - down to 20F
Endangered - High

Resistant to Deer.

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