Iris douglasiana

Iris douglasiana

Iris douglasiana is a variable species that can display a wide range of colors from purplish-red, light lavender, blue, creamy white, and all shades in between. Our specimen has lavender falls and stands with a yellow throat. It has a fairly typical form for an Iris. Flowers are about the same height as the leaves, which are 18″ to 24″ tall.

Pronunciation: EYE-ris dug-lus-ee-AN-uh

Species Meaning: Named for David Douglas, 19th century Scottish collector

Iris douglasiana is native to Northern California and Southern Oregon.


  • Iris douglasiana
    Iris douglasiana

Cultivation Notes

They prefer part or full shade and a rich soil. It does like some summer water although it is more drought tolerant near the coast where it benefits from cooler temperatures and fog.

Propagation Notes

By dividing the rhizome.

In Our Garden

Plant ID: P21156

Found in Pots,

Waiting to find its forever home in the garden – most likely to be in Nature Island.

We acquired this plant from Amaranth Gardens.

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Family: Iridaceae

Genus: Iris

Species: douglasiana

Commonly known as: Douglas Iris

Height: <3ft

Spread: <3ft

Growth Habit:
Water Needs:
Summer - Low Water
Sun Needs:
Part Shade
Part Sun
Soil Type:
Average Soil
Season of Interest:
Zn8a - down to 10F

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