Grevillea 'Kings Rainbow'

Grevillea ‘King’s Rainbow’

A medium size spreading shrub to 5 to 6 feet tall and 6′ to 8′ wide. It has stiff dark green dissected leaves. 2” to 3” long toothbrush type flowers are possible throughout the year. The pistils are bright red, with an almost metallic sheen, and the tepals are a pure yellow, creating a great bi-colored flower cluster. The tepals are fuzzy.

Grevillea is native to Australia.


  • Grevillea 'Kings Rainbow'
    Grevillea 'Kings Rainbow'

Cultivation Notes

Plant in full sun in a well-drained soil and give infrequent to occasional irrigation in its first year. After that it should be drought tolerant. Do not use a fertilizer with phosphorous.

Additional Information

‘Kings Rainbow’ is the result of a breeding program conducted by Digby Growns at Plant Development at Kings Park and Botanic Garden in Perth, Western Australia. It is the result of crossing a selection of Grevillea armigera with an unnamed Grevillea hybrid (G. 20101122).

PP27,931 – 2017

In Our Garden

Plant ID: P21369

Found in Pots,

Waiting to find its forever home in the garden.

We acquired this plant from Half Moon Bay Nursery.

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Family: Proteaceae

Genus: Grevillea

Variety: King’s Rainbow

Height: 5ft to 10ft

Spread: 5ft to 10ft

Growth Habit:
Sun Needs:
Full Sun
Part Sun
Soil Type:
Season of Interest:
Zn9a - down to 20F
Benefits and Attracts:

Resistant to Deer.

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