Dryopteris erythrosa

Dryopteris erythrosa

Dryopteris erythrosora, commonly called Japanese shield fern or autumn fern, is an arching, evergreen fern that grows in a vase-shaped clump to 2′ tall and as wide. It is native to woodland hillsides and mountain slopes in Japan, China and Taiwan. New fronds unfurl in striking shades of orange-red to copper-pink before eventually maturing to glossy deep green by summer. Triangular, bi-pinnate fronds grow to as much as 2′ long. Young sori (spore sacks) are covered by bright red indusia.

Pronunciation: drye-OPP-ter-iss ehr-ith-roh-SO-ra

Species Meaning: Specific epithet comes from the Greek words erythros meaning red and sora meaning sori in reference to its red sori.


  • Dryopteris erythrosa
    Dryopteris erythrosa

In Our Garden

Plant ID: P17006

Found in Streambed, Tea House,

There is a group of them in front of the Dogwood as you down the stairs to the tea house. In the tea house area, there is another group of them along the fence.

Family: Dryopteridaceae

Genus: Dryopteris

Species: erythrosa

Commonly known as: Autumn Fern, Japanese shield fern

Height: <3ft

Spread: <3ft

Growth Habit:
Water Needs:
Summer - Medium Water
Sun Needs:
Full Shade
Part Shade
Part Sun
Season of Interest:
Zn 0 to 6 - too cold for me!

Resistant to Deer and Rabbit.

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