Banksia ericifolia 'Compact Form'

Banksia ericifolia ‘Compact Form’

This compact form of Banksia ericifolia is about half the size of the species making it a great garden plant. It is also one of the most cold hardy, and that was proven out for us when we got down to 22F during the winter of 2022 and it not only survived, but its flower survived as well. It has a gold flower with a bright red style during winter and spring. Flowers appear at the junction of branches produced the preceding year or two. There are thousands of individual flowers that make up the cylindrical inflorescence, opening from bottom to top.

Dark green, rolled needle-like leaves grow to only 1/2″ long, and are light beneath. They are densely packed along slender stems.


Mature size is about 4′-6′ tall and 6′-8′ wide.

Pronunciation: BANGK-see-a er-ik-ih-FOH-lee-uh

Species Meaning: Having leaves like Erica (Latin name for Heath genus)

Banksia ericifolia is native to Australia.

Cultivation Notes

Banksia, just like all other members of the Protea family want a very well-drained, nutrient poor soil and can tolerate significant drought once established. Full sun to very light shade. They should not be given fertilizer with Phosphorus in it.

In Our Garden

Plant ID: P21363

Found in Contemporary Garden,

It will be planted in Down Under, Up Top.

We acquired this plant from Half Moon Bay Nursery.

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Family: Proteaceae

Genus: Banksia

Species: ericifolia

Variety: Compact Form

Commonly known as: Heath leaves Banksia

Height: 3ft to 5ft

Spread: 5ft to 10ft

Growth Habit:
Sun Needs:
Full Sun
Soil Type:
Nutrient Poor Soil
Season of Interest:
Zn9a - down to 20F
Benefits and Attracts:

Resistant to Deer.

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