Adiantum venustum

Adiantum venustum

A very delicate fern with an airy soft-green appearance. It is evergreen for us and when the new fronds do open in late winter, they have a reddish color to them. Ours is growing in a deep shade condition under a Jeweled Chain Fern.

It is slow growing and while it wants plenty of moisture, it also requires well-drained soil. The backbone of the fronds is black and wiry. About 6″ tall and perhaps a foot across.

Pronunciation: ad-ee-AN-tum ven-NUSS-tum

Species Meaning: Beautiful, charming

In Our Garden

Plant ID: P17009

Found in Tea House,

Behind the tea house under the Jeweled chain fern.

Family: Pteridaceae

Genus: Adiantum

Species: venustum

Commonly known as: Himalayan Maidenhair Fern

Height: <3ft

Spread: <3ft

Growth Habit:
Water Needs:
Summer - Medium Water
Sun Needs:
Full Shade
Part Shade
Soil Type:
Zn 0 to 6 - too cold for me!

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