Abies concolor 'Candicans'

Abies concolor ‘Candicans’

This was a very blue conifer. I say was because we managed to kill it. It was bought as a ‘damaged’ plant, but it looked healthy and after being in the ground over winter, it put on a magnificent display of cones. Shortly after that, the tree just shriveled up. It had clearly been surviving on the nutrients it had in its vascular system and the roots never managed to get established in our soil. Perhaps because it was too salty.

The needles are long and the bark smooth and silver in color. While it is meant to be a tall upright tree, the one we acquired looked more like a weeping tree. That is what actually attracted us to it. Meant to get to 10′ tall and 5′ wide after 10 years, but will be 30′ at maturity.

Pronunciation: A-bees KON-kol-or

Species Meaning: Means same color. I am guessing that means similar color between the needles and the branches.

Additional Information

This cultivar originated as a seedling selected in 1929 by the Arboretum National des Barres, Nogent-sur-Vernisson, France.

In Our Garden

Plant ID: P19066

Found in Compost Heap,

Deceased. It did make it through its first winter. Very sad.

We acquired this plant from Farmington Gardens.

Family: Pinaceae

Genus: Abies

Species: concolor

Variety: Candicans

Commonly known as: White Fir

Height: >15ft

Spread: >10ft

Growth Habit:
Season of Interest:

Resistant to Deer.

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