Lachenalia (aloides) quadricolor

New Year Bloomers

With an increasing array of South African and Australian plants in the garden, the number of plants that we can expect to bloom at this time of year is significantly increasing. I just dodged the rain showers to take stock of what is blooming today.

The new year starts of with Grevillea ‘Neil Bell’ continuing to bloom, as is the Correa. Both of these plants appear to want to bloom year round. Some of the other Grevillea really want to open up, but they will probably wait for a warmer day to do that.

In the greenhouse, a newly acquired bulb has started blooming – Lachenalia quadricolor. This is such a delightful little plant and I hope I can get them to increase over time.

Also blooming in the greenhouse is an unknown variety of Echeveria. (looks like it might be Echevaria shaviana)


A couple of Hellebores have started their display ‘Winter’s Song’ and ‘Snow Fever’. Other Hellebore are getting ready, but these two have already been at it for a couple of weeks.

Down in the Tuxedo garden, the Leucanthemum continues to put out cheery blossoms. A few other plants that should have died down continue to have a few blooms, such as the Gaillardia, and some of the Fuchsia. The rosemary also believes that the entire year is the right time to bloom.

The first of the Galanthus woronowii (snow drop) has just opened up. The common name for this is the Green Snowdrop. I know it looks white, but when it open up a little more, it should have a green trip inside. No page for that one yet, but stay tuned. Also putting on a display at the moment is a silver leaved Cyclamen of an unknown species.

Galanthus woronowii
Galanthus woronowii

Well, that’s the list unless there were things that were hiding from me as I did my rapid walk-around. Happy New Year everyone.

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