Leucadendron 'Jester'


Leucadendrons are woody, evergreen shrubs which can grow from a few feet up to 30-35 feet. The tallest is Leucadendrons argenteum or Silver Tree, the plant that gave the genus its name.

The early Dutch settlers to the Cape dubbed the silver tree, witteboom, literally meaning white tree. In 1691, a botanist named Plukenet used the name Leucadendron to describe the silver tree and other related plants. There are about 80 species of Leucadendrons.

Leucadendron and Aulax are the odd ones out within the Protea family in that they are dioecious. That means they have different male and female plants. In general it appears as if the females are slightly larger plants and have larger leaves. They are native to South Africa although they are now grown in many places where other Proteas thrive.

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Pronunciation: lew-kuh-DEN-dron

Name Derivation: From the Greek leukos (white) and dendron (tree); for the white foliage

Common Name: Conebush

Leucadendron is in the family Proteaceae.

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