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Gardener’s Log – June 2023

As quickly as you find the help, you can lose it. That is unfortunately what seems to have happened and all garden progress is back to being on my shoulders. The hunt for new help will resume.

Garden Progress

The major progress this month continues to be on the Fairy Garden, its stream and now that has extended to getting some of the steps in for the Woodland Walk. As a reminder, this is what it looked like last year.

Oceanside Garden - Fairy Garden before shot
Oceanside Garden – Fairy Garden before shot
Fairy garden - progress
Fairy garden – progress

There remains some work to be done on the top section of the stream, but we now have some really nice river rock to put in place there. The colors in some of them are quite fantastic. A few planting pockets have been made on the sides and these are planted up with ferns, Hosta, and Bletilla.

Fairy Garden - Arthur
Fairy Garden – Arthur

The last of those is the ground Orchid and I was surprised to see some of them in the water garden section at a local nursery. Given that I have a few, I decided it worth having a try.

Fairy Garden - vignette
Fairy Garden – vignette

What’s in Bloom

Sometimes, nurseries get it wrong and sometimes you are quite happy about that. One Gladiolus was meant to be ‘Galaxian’ but turned out to be Gladiolus nanus ‘Albus’. This is a much better white than the ‘ The Bride’ that we have in Tuxedo Lane. It has more blooms that are a purer white.

Gladiolus x colvillei 'Albus'
Gladiolus x colvillei ‘Albus’

Another mistake, but this one is all mine. I planted some Callistemon down at the bottom of Gondwana a couple of years ago. They did not bloom last year as they were settling in, but to my surprise, it appears I got my cuttings mixed up and this was the result. Again, I am not unhappy with the result.

Callistemon viridiflorus
Callistemon viridiflorus

The final plant I am going to highlight for the month is a new plant in the Fairy Garden – Anchusa azurea. This plant has settled in so quickly and done amazing, putting out several bloom stalks that are such an amazing blue. The bees also love this plant and it is rare for me not to find at least one enjoying it whenever I sit there.

Anchusa azurea
Anchusa azurea

Weather Summary

It has been a cold, windy, dry month – almost typical for June. Our high for the month was 71.1 and we only managed to get above 65° three times during the month. The low was 43.9 and the average was 54.3. That compares to a high of 90 last year, low of 45.1 and average of 56.6 – so 3° cooler on average.

Again, it is the rainfall this year that is the problem. After being almost dry last month, compared to an average of about 12″, we only managed 0.49″ this month, compared to 6.88″ last year. The garden is not particularly happy, but thankfully, large portions of it are planted to be drought tolerant. However, that does not mean they can go for months without any moisture at their roots.

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