Gardener’s Log – July 2021

My apologies for not making any entries during the month. Lots of progress has been made getting the house in Beaverton ready for sale. That has taken up a large portion of the available time. A bunch of plants found their homes in the garden this month and more ‘new to this garden’ art has been moved. Hopefully, I should have more time for blogging and gardening this coming month.

July 31st

We finished up interior work on the house today and treated ourselves to visiting a couple of Nursery’s in the Portland area – Cistus and Joy Creek. We managed to find two new Grevillea – ‘Poorinda leane’ and ‘Pink Pearl’, plus a number of ferns, an Agave, a bromeliad, and several other wonderful plants. Of course we needed them – why do you ask?

Agave gypsophila ‘Ivory Curls’

Weather Summary

Another very dry month this year. We only had 0.19″ of rain compared to 0.62″ last year. Temperature wise, we were down 0.4 degrees from last year, and most of that is probably because we did not have any scorchers this month. Winds were significantly higher than last year with an average of 5.3 compared to 3.9. Average gusts were almost twice as fast as last year.

Weather for July 2021 at Oceanside Garden.

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