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Gardener’s Log – April 2023

Another month when I have been unable to do much in the garden. At least the MRI results are now in, and I know the reason for all of the problems. It most likely means surgery in the near future but been kept out of the garden is killing me. Thankfully, although most people would not agree with me, the weather has helped somewhat – because it has been awful!

The garden is now getting into full swing, and there is fresh growth everywhere you look. The Cherry tree is blooming, the bulbs are still magnificent, and the weeds are everywhere. That at least is something I can work on a little bit at a time. I find that by having some areas weed free, I can sit and enjoy the garden without feeling the need to get up and do something. Those that I can’t see are not there.

Garden Progress

I did defy the doctors and got a few things planted ion the fairy garden. Under normal conditions, I would not have planted yet because there is still quite a lot of construction that needs to happen. However, I felt it was better to get them in the ground rather than sitting in pots. The gravel necessary for the paths has now been unavailable for a year, ever since they had an accident at the quarry and supposedly covered the rock face in a very large amount of soil. No telling when we will be able to get more, I do want to keep the color consistent with the rest of the garden.

Fairy Garden - April 2023
Fairy Garden – April 2023

As you can see, no progress has been made finishing the pond and streambed. That may be something I have to get some help with to finish that so that we don’t have standing water over summer. Do not fancy having mosquitoes everywhere.

Fairy Garden - April 2023
Fairy Garden – April 2023

What’s in Bloom

The bulbs are still the stars of the show, and the Mount Hoods at the bottom of the garden are a delight. You know that a bulb is happy when it puts on a better display in subsequent years than when first planted.

Narcissus 'Mount Hood'
Narcissus ‘Mount Hood’

In the greenhouse, the Ferraria was amazing. While it only blooms for a short period of time, the blossoms are such a delight.

Ferraria schaeferi 'Dark Chocolate'
Ferraria schaeferi ‘Dark Chocolate’

I am also enjoying Erythronium ‘Inner Glow’ which are in pots. We do have other Erythroniums planted in the garden, but there seem to be a favorite snack for the deer. It is nice to be able to enjoy them also at bench height.

Erythronium 'Inner Glow'
Erythronium ‘Inner Glow’

Weather Summary

Very little to say about the weather in comparative terms. This year and last year were very similar in both temperatures and rainfall. Thanks to the last week of the month, the high for this year was 76.3. The low was 32.5 and averaged temperature was 46.2. Rainfall was 12.36″, slight more than last years 10.81″

Weather April 2023
Weather April 2023

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