Gondwana after 1 year


All of the plants in this area of the garden evolved when the land masses of the Southern Hemisphere were all joined.

If you are interested in how the southern hemisphere was crafted from Gondwana, check out this animation. Amazing!


The above animation (uploaded 2020 April 6) demonstrates the central role of the Bouvet mantle plume in the break-up of Gondwana and the dispersal of its constituent continents using model CR20ABBK.  Some explanation of the colors is given in the blue text below. Higher resolution JPGs of the frames making up the animation are available [here].  Explanatory notes are in preparation.  Specific queries are welcomed meanwhile. Colin Reeves. 2020 April 14.

An example are plants in the Proteacea family. Today, Protea, Leucospermum and others are found in South Afrioca, while Grevillea, Banksia and others are in Australia. A few can be found in South Africa. They all clearly have the same fundamental flower structure but they are arranged in very different ways.

Plants in the Gondwana

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