Garden of the Giants

Garden of the Giants is an area of Oceanside Garden where something about the plant is “oversized.” This might be an attribute of the leaves, flowers, trunks etc.

The principle means of navigating the Giants is via the boardwalk. Here is what the area looked like right after the boardwalk was constructed.

Oceanside Garden - Boardwalk
Oceanside Garden – Boardwalk

While the winter of 2022 took out some of the plants that were initially put in, some areas were beginning to show what the area was about. The Gunnera has done better than expected and we were surprised to see the Ensete return after being killed to the ground. The large metal dragonfly has been with me for many years and this is now his third garden.

Oceanside Garden - Garden of the Giants 2022
Oceanside Garden – Garden of the Giants 2022

Plants in the Garden of the Giants

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