Contemporary Garden

Original front courtyard
Greenhouse Down Under Up Top Escallonia 'Pink Princess' Acer palmatum Pieris japonica

Escallonia 'Pink Princess'

Escallonia hedge.

Acer palmatum

Japanese Maple of unknown varietal.

Pieris japonica

Pieris japonica of unknown varietal.

This area is in its original form. It is a collection of overgrown hedges that flank a pathway to the back of the house. The idea is to have a set of pedestals on which potted plants are displayed. We expect to have:

  • danger plants. This would include Agave with their wicked spikes, or Solanum pyracantha with its thorns all over the plant,
  • carnivorous plants
  • ephemeral plants, such as Alpines, that need to be showcased.
  • Bonsai – I used to enjoy doing bonsai and may start again.

Plants in the Contemporary Garden

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